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Tokoname ware teapot Tea kiln strange algae billi inro Gyokumitsu

Tokoname ware teapot Tea kiln strange algae billi inro Gyokumitsu

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The teapot by Tamamitsu, a Tokoname ware artist, is a beautiful teapot that can be called a work of art, created by making full use of traditional Tokoname ware techniques.

The teapots that are carefully made one by one by Tamamitsu's hands become more attached to them the more they are used.

The pattern of tea kiln transformation applied with its own technique further enhances the taste of tea and creates a luxurious moment.

The wide-mouthed teapot makes it easy to put tea leaves in and makes brewing tea a breeze.

Why don't you enjoy delicious tea with a faint scent from Tamamitsu's teapot?

Please try Tamamitsu's teapot to make your tea time the best!

■ Akane Shibori

``Seaweed'' is pasted on the surface of vermilion ware and fired, and finally ``Chakohen'' is fired again.

The surface is polished to give it a lustrous finish, giving it a marble-like pattern.

Please enjoy the time-consuming triple-baked tea note.

■ Cera mesh

In addition to being easy to hold and having a pleasant spout, Tokoname-yaki teapots are widely trusted because of the intricacy of the tea strainer.

This is the traditional skill of Tokoname-yaki teapot, which craftsmen have worked hard to create.

■ Tokoname ware

Tokoname ware is a traditional Japanese pottery with a history of over 1300 years.

It is produced in Tokoname City, Aichi Prefecture, and is one of the six ancient kilns of Japan.

Tokoname ware is known for its toughness, durability, and unique texture.

It is used for various purposes such as teapots, tableware, and vases.

In recent years, Tokoname ware has enjoyed a resurgence in popularity and is loved by collectors and enthusiasts around the world.

Tokoname ware is perfect as a gift or as a reward for yourself.

It adds color to your life and is something that you can cherish for a long time.

■ Detailed information

Capacity: 290ml

Material: Pottery

Country of Origin: Japan

Safe and Secure: This product has passed inspection for lead and cadmium.

■ Precautions

Due to the nature of the pottery, the glaze is different one by one, so the color and sauce may differ from the image.

Also, it may differ from the displayed size.

note that.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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