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Tokoname ware teapot kiln transformation Hiramaru Koji

Tokoname ware teapot kiln transformation Hiramaru Koji

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This teapot by Koji is highly praised by many people for its beautiful red clay and ease of use.

Vermilion clay is a red pottery clay made with a special firing technique, and its color is very beautiful.

The vermillion mud color of this teapot makes you feel a sense of warmth.

The shape of the teapot is flat and round, making it easy to hold.

The spout is also designed to be wide, so you can pour tea easily and enjoy the tea you pour.

Its ease of use makes it perfect not only for everyday use, but also for entertaining guests.

Koji's meticulous workmanship is reflected in this teapot, and you can enjoy its beauty every time you brew a cup of tea.

When you hold the teapot in your hand and feel the details carefully made, the joy of brewing tea will deepen even further.

When you use this teapot to make delicious tea, you can enjoy the spirit and techniques that Koji puts into his works.

By all means, use this teapot and enjoy tea with all your heart.

■ Koji

Koji is good at making pottery using silk mud and white mud.

The kiln-changing teapot is smoked with silk vermillion clay to give it a different look, making it a product that not only feels good to the touch but also has a taste.

■Ceramic tea strainer

■ Master craftsmanship

Tokoname's teapots are beautiful crafts with deep craftsmanship, and Tokoname has produced craftsmen with excellent skills.

Each of these craftsmen had their own unique characteristics, and these characteristics were greatly reflected in the production of tea utensils.

In 1973, the government established the title of "traditional craftsman" to honor their achievements and protect traditional cultural heritage.

Furthermore, the Association of Traditional Craftsmen of Japan was established to exercise the authority to manage and certify traditional craftsmen, and there are 36 registered traditional craftsmen of Tokoname ware.

They are still exploring the path of pottery and seeking further progress.

■ Tokoname ware

Tokoname ware is a traditional Japanese pottery with a history of over 1300 years.

It is produced in Tokoname City, Aichi Prefecture, and is one of the six ancient kilns of Japan.

Tokoname ware is known for its toughness, durability, and unique texture.

It is used for various purposes such as teapots, tableware, and vases.

In recent years, Tokoname ware has enjoyed a resurgence in popularity and is loved by collectors and enthusiasts around the world.

Tokoname ware is perfect as a gift or as a reward for yourself.

It adds color to your life and is something that you can cherish for a long time.

■ Detailed information

Capacity: 260ml

Material: Pottery

Country of Origin: Japan

Safe and Secure: This product has passed inspection for lead and cadmium.

■ Precautions

Due to the nature of the pottery, the glaze is different one by one, so the color and sauce may differ from the image.

Also, it may differ from the displayed size.

note that.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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