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Chikuseido Rikyu Chasen Tea Whisk, Tea Ceremony Utensil

Chikuseido Rikyu Chasen Tea Whisk, Tea Ceremony Utensil

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Chikuseido's Rikyu Chasen is a traditional tea whisk invented by Sen no Rikyu of the Rikyu school of tea ceremony.

It features fine weaves and soft bristles that bring out the taste and aroma of matcha.

This chasen gently dissolves matcha powder, creates a beautiful froth, and provides an authentic matcha experience.

Why not spend a stylish matcha time with this traditional chasen, which will further enhance the enjoyment of the tea ceremony?

Enjoy a unique matcha experience with the affordable Rikyu Chasen from Chikuseido.

■Precautions when handling the chasen

1. Chasen is made from bamboo, a natural material.

2.Plastic case is made for storage before use.

3. After use, dry thoroughly and store in a cool place out of sunlight. If possible, please use a chasen repair tool .

4.This product is a tea utensil, so please do not use it for any other purpose.

■Detailed information

Size: Diameter 5.7cm x Height 10cm

Material: bamboo

Place of production: China


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