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Hasami-yaki mug, black cat hanging

Hasami-yaki mug, black cat hanging

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Introducing a stylish Hasami-yaki mug that combines tradition with modern design.

The unique feature of this mug is the hanging black cat, making it a perfect gift for cat lovers.

Hidden at the bottom of the mug is a cute paw print, a playful detail that brings a sense of joy when you pick it up.

Lightweight and easy to handle, this mug is ideal for everyday use.

The delicate texture of Hasami-yaki and the silhouette of the black cat create an exquisite balance that will make your tea time even more enjoyable.

This special mug combines an adorable black cat design with practicality.

Be sure to incorporate it into your daily life.

■ Hasami ware

This refers to pottery made near Hasami Town in the central north part of Nagasaki Prefecture.

It has a history of over 400 years, and even today it ranks third in the nation in terms of shipments of daily Japanese tableware.

Most of the products produced are porcelain tableware, which are durable, easy to handle, and stable products with no individual differences.

■Detailed information

Size: Diameter 8cm x Height 9cm

Capacity: 290ml

Material: Porcelain

Country of Origin: Japan

Safe and secure: Passed lead and cadmium testing.


Due to the nature of pottery, the glaze varies from piece to piece, so the color and amount of glaze may differ from the image.

Also, the size may differ from that shown.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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